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  • Cloud platform provides a political management, group clients at any time and, through the Internet cloud cloud yard, all its parking lot can remote management, grasp the comprehensive data with the latest news. System greatly reduces the workload of the finance department automatically output various reports, without artificial secondary consolidated, greatly improve the working efficiency, and put an end to cheating in the charge of may.

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Design of a kind of infrared induction and power cut off switch
Night light, light sensor in the corridor layout of the most reasonable
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  • Design of a kind of infrared induction and power cut off switch

    We designed a set of the two infrared call switch function in a power-off automatic power-off function calls to achieve energy-saving switch, the use of two series relay, and infrared sensor signal with LM324 chip, the switch is small volume and low cost; to fill the gaps in this field, in response to the call of saving. This switch can be used in student dormitories, homes and other places.


Product center

Shenzhen Wally-Mount Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the Chinese government center in futian district, shenzhen city, guangdong province have come from the world 500 strong enterprise technical backbone composed of technology research and development team, has strong electronic technology research and development capabilities, with a variety of patent technology and excellent product quality, we strictly follow international quality standards, committed to the electronic energy-saving switch, energy-saving lighting product development 【more...】

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